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Lacrosse Club Team

Peak Athletics is proud to be running an all inclusive club lacrosse team for boys in grades 3RD-11TH! To help develop and tone all players into great athletes and lacrosse players. Click though the slides to see our jerseys!

Our Teams

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Club Information 

Peak Athletics/ "The Peak Lacrosse Program" Will be running Club Lacrosse teams for Grades 3RD-11TH. During the rest of 2021, starting in late July, we will be offering clinics two times a week for our athletes on our teams to come to help with all different skills that make a great lacrosse player. Starting in the fall this year, select teams will be competing in A and B level tournaments around the Tri-State area. During the fall season, every team will have 1 to 2 practices a week, and the select team will be participating in 2-3 tournaments as we grow our teams. In the winter, we will run practice for our teams once a week, and a few teams hopefully will get to participate in a box lacrosse league. In the spring, our team will continue to have practice once a week because we understand a lot of you are going to be playing on your town teams and high school teams! Then in the Summer of 2022, we hope to have all of our teams playing in 2-4 tournaments at The A, and B level depending on the team ability, and have practice once a week per team and a position clinic for our Athletes to go to as-well once a week. Our dedicated coaching staff will there for you each step of the way. With each coach having years of experience playing and coaching, this program looks to help take your talents to the next level. Please email or call us with any questions!

2021-2022 Seasons Breakdown

Summer 2021

July - August

Team practices or a clinic two times a week. For all Athletes on teams 

Summer 2022

July - August 

One team practice and clinic per week per player, and 2-4 tournaments for all out teams 

Fall 2021

September - November 

Once a week practice for all teams, and 2-3 tournaments for select teams

Fall 2022

September - November 

Once a week practice for all teams and 2-3 tournaments for all teams

Winter 2022

January  - March

Team practices once a week and a box lacrosse league for select teams 

Supring 2022 

April - June 

Team practices and clinics once a week for all athletes  and player profiles 

Prices Break Down

Peak Athletics/ "The Peak Lacrosse Program" have different prices per season. Prices include jerseys, tournaments, practices, and clinics. Each season price is different based on the number of tournaments, practices, and clinics being offered for the season. We offer discounts if you sign up for more than one player or sign up for the whole year. We also offer a 6, 8, and 12-month payment plan to help pay it all off. You will get the breakdown of the prices after your tryout! Please reach out and ask us any questions! 

Sign Up For Your Tryout/Evaluation

Once you sign up you will receive a conformation email and an invoice for the tryout which is only $15. If you want to set up a private or semi private tryout before July 17TH, please email us at with dates and times that work for you!

Tryout Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below with the athletics information for the name, grade, and birthday!