At Peak Athletics, we are committed to help today's youth and adults achieve their personal best through our commitment to build confidence, determination, and drive in each athlete or adult, within a fun and safe environment. We feature the newest and best equipment available. In our programs, we place our clients’s well-being first and foremost, while teaching to navigate some of life's most complicated lessons in sports, overall fitness. We will be here though it all! Our coaches are well trained and believe in our philosophy. Our staff will work to ensure that you or your child succeeds and excels in their sports and or fitness goals. our fitness classes are one of a kind made to make you work and get the results you want! We offer different sports performance classes, fitness and strength and conditioning classes for all ages! Along with adult fitness classes and family fitness classes! If you bring your kid to any adult fitness class if they complete the class is free for the kid!

~ From The Peak Team 


Sports Performance 

Our Sports Performance classes are designed to help get every athlete more explosive, stronger, faster, and more help improve balance and agility. running though a light warm up and weight session rallying focusing on drills, and exercises  that will translate to the field, or court.

Strength & Conditioning

Our strength & conditioning classes are a large workout class, working on building power, strength, and endurance in all our students. Focusing on a different fundamental lift each class we will be doing a workout that targets a different muscle each time.

Speed Class

Our speed class is a dedicated class to help improves speed and agility. Athletes looking to increase there speed of the gun or overall agility this is the class for you.

Girls Only Fitness

An all-new class led by our new trainer. In this class, Coach Sophie will cover a lot. Teach proper workout techniques, stretches, workout planning, and more. This class is to help improve power, speed, agility, strength, explosiveness, all of which translate over to all sports.


Join one of our yoga classes that we have began to offer to refocus your energy, improve balance, and flexibility. Please check class names because we have different classes for youth and adults. 

HIIT Or Miss Class

You either hit this class or you miss this class. Come join us for a High Intensity Interval Training class that will work you and push yourself, leaving the classing feeling and looking better. 

Learn The Lift

A learn the lift class is the perfect class for anyone beginning their workout journey. Each class will focus on a new lift from how to properly bench press to how to squat and even snatch properly. This class is open to everyone youth and adults to show and help improve fundamentals.

Strength Class

Our Strength class is a weight lifting class for adults that focuses more on lifts and workout plan than anything els.a unique way for members to come and tone there body though a great weight session.