Peak Scholarship


Peak Athletics was made in hope of giving back to the community that made it possible and what better way to do that than to have a scholarship that our athletes can apply to have the chance to get. The first Peak scholarship will be handed out in June 2023! The scholarship will be given out to current senior athletes that have memberships at peak athletics and submit an essay. (More information on the essay to come soon) The scholarship minimum will be $1,500, max will be $2,500 while if we raiser more money from the 6 scholarship events we will host throughout the year more than 2 scholarships could be given out. 

Collecting Money
High Fives


We understand how important the word "Student" is in the phase "Student Athlete" and  want to reward our athletes and members for the exhausting work in school and outside of it. Our scholarship will be given out to 2 student athletes that have exemplary work in school, on a team or in the gym, and is involved in the community. By doing so we are trying to build a program that rewards giving back and hard work. 


The scholarship fund each year is determined by how well theses 6 effects do during the year.

  1. Basketball Tournament: June

  2. Lift-A-Thon: March 

  3. 5K: November

  4. Golf Outing: August

  5. BBQ: September 

  6. Holiday Workout: January

All of our events are planed throughout the year, money raised at each event will go into the Peak Scholarship fund.  More info to come soon regarding each individual event check back on this page with-in the next 2 weeks.